The challenge of high power, fast charging in motorsport

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What we will discuss:

  • The inspiration and tech behind the InMotion car
  • 12-min charging
  • Challenges in fast-charging, especially for motorsport competitiveness
  • Solutions centered around technological, infrastructure and car developments

InMotion is a student team from the University of Eindhoven, fast-charging its way to the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a fully electric endurance race car.
'The revolution' racing car they built can currently fast-charge from 20% to 80% SoC within 12 minutes, but their mission is to reduce the time and charge even faster, making charging as fast and convenient as refuelling.

At Heliox, we create future-proof rapid charging solutions to make the world a greener place for future generations. We are a proud partner of InMotion, currently using our chargers to power their incredible vehicle.

As electric vehicles race toward the mainstream, the technology has been improving rapidly. New EVs have higher ranges and larger battery capacities than their predecessors. Therefore, the need to develop high-power chargers to support quick charging requirements.

Learn from industry experts
Join our panellists for a discussion and Q&A about the challenge of high power, fast charging in motorsports.

Frame 1Koen (1)

Koen van Haperen 
Heliox Market Director

Frame 4Mark (1)

Mark Smidt
Heliox Director Business Innovation

Frame 2Thomas (1)

Thomas Kuijpers
InMotion Technical Manager

Frame 3Martijn (1)

Martijn Scholtus
InMotion Account Manager

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